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Chinese teaching materials of Kawahara Sachishi Chinese can speak in 50 verb

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As you say the Kawahara Sachishi teacher, the English have, it is what prime take such. If you think trying to talk in Chinese, remember the minimum required method of stick to learn by repetition will Unadzukemasu. And, further Chinese as a way to stick to only be used anyway the Chinese who remember. Using the Chinese, by speaking, it attaches to acquire more and more acceleration to Chinese. Difficult words and phrases are, you are too late in from so speak Chinese. When speak introductory Chinese, I think that it is fun doubled in travel China. When the Japanese speak in Chinese, local Chinese (especially the countryside?) It is us gladly. Chinese who can speak in 50 verb of Kawahara Sachishi teacher to have proven more than 4,000 people so far, students our Kawahara Sachishi teacher, from a state that does not at all speak Chinese in just one month, It looks like everyday conversation can speak. Chinese content (excerpt) who can speak in 50 verb of Kawahara Sachishi teacher in just one month, so that breeze Chinese can speak the Kawahara equation Chinese Easy study skills? Why, one or two verbs one day, a total of 50 pieces of the verb in one month than the one or ... the whole picture so that Chinese can speak? Attention in the conversation with the Chinese! The difference of the customs of Japan, could cause a big misunderstanding is the real meaning of the phrases that do not remember? And many verbs of the opportunity to use the best in Chinese?

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Kawahara Chinese teaching materials of Sachishi Chinese can speak in 50 of the verb, there is such teaching materials. Chinese verb 1, two remember one day can speak in 50 of the verb, so that China can speak in 30 days. It proved more than 4,000 people so far. Students our Kawahara Sachishi is as Chinese can speak in one month. Chinese who can speak in 50 verb of Kawahara Sachishi is the way to learn a minimum of words and grammar necessary to everyday Chinese conversation intensive.